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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Ground Fighting Instructor Course

Approved for P.O.S.T. Credit

This course will cover the use of force and instructor liability, standing self-defense, avoiding being taken to the ground, takedowns, defense against strikes on the ground, escaping bad position from the ground, controlling a subject on the ground, and defending your firearm on the ground. This 24 hour course is the only CO P.O.S.T. approved class of its kind and is being used by several Denver Metro Area Law Enforcement agencies.

This course covers the following skills:

1) Use of force & instructor liability

2) Standing self defense, including striking

3) Takedowns and takedown defense

 4) Escaping bad position on the ground

5) Controlling a subject on the ground

6) Weapons defense

This is a very physical class. Format consists of a warm-up and stretching at the beginning of morning and afternoon sessions, learning and drilling technique, and randori.

Instructor candidates will complete a practical exam to demonstrate their ability to teach the techniques precisely. Upon completion instructors will be certified to teach their agency.

Meet Your Instructors

Joaquin Baca

Joaquin is the Director of Training at Boss High Level Protection. He brings over twenty years of Arrest Control, Defensive Tactics and Martial Arts instructor experience to the team. In addition to being a CO. P.O.S.T. certified instructor and an arrest control instructor since 1998, Joaquin is black belt in Kung fu and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He instructs police recruits and sworn personnel in all areas of arrest control, ground fighting, baton techniques, and defensive tactics and is a certified FBI defensive tactics instructor.

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