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Tactical Rapid Response Class (advanced CHP class) – Self Protection Programs
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Tactical Rapid Response Class (advanced CHP class)

Tactical Rapid Response Class

This is a Law Enforcement level training course for civilians who already possess their CCW permit. This class is taught by former SWAT leader and a foremost expert in mass shootings, Grant Whitus. Students will learn close combat techniques using simunition weapons and real life scenarios.

The class teaches the student to protect their home in case of an intruder as well as how to respond to an active shooter in any public place, such as churches, malls or grocery stores.

Take the next step for a well rounded personal protection plan, one that is designed to enhance the concealed handgun permit holders ability to effectively defend themselves or others in various environments and situations.

This seminar will include three blocks of instruction; reality based scenarios, close quarters handgun, & CCW combatives focusing on the following areas:

Use of Deadly Force

Close Quarters Handgun

Close Quarters Combatives for the CCW / CHP holder

Properly Engaging the Threat in Real Life Scenarios

This advanced CCW course is 100% hands on practical application with little classroom. We will be running and gunning from the get go!

Meet Your Instructors

Sergeant Grant Whitus

Sergeant Grant Whitus teaches Officer Survival, Building Searches, Rapid and Immediate Deployment (RAID), Single Officer Response (Lone Wolf), SWAT, Responding to In-Progress Calls, Law Enforcement Driving, Precision Immobilization Technique, Building Searches, Close Combat Techniques, Traffic Stops, and Civil Law for the Patrol Officer, as well as many other disciplines. Grant has received 16 Medals, including five Medals for Valor, and is the most decorated employee the a sheriff’s office. In 2002, Grant and his SWAT Team were honored as “Police Officer of the Year.”

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Phil Baca

Philip was a tactical operator with the Special Operations Response Team from 2008-2013. While on S.O.R.T. he was trained by SWAT, trained by the U.S. Marshals and the Secret Service. As a Kaminsky certified Field Training Officer (FTO), he trained and certified over 20 new recruits out of the academy. He was an instructor for Rapid and Immediate Response (RAID), building searches and riot control, in addition to finishing the Jefferson County Urban Rifle School. Philip is also an NRA instructor who has trained over 200 people in basic and advanced pistol skills.

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Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross is a Marine Corps veteran with two combat deployments in a personal security detachment. An amateur MMA fighter and avid marksman, Andrew spent time in a Marine Corps Scout Sniper Platoon and was an accomplished designated marksmen in his PSD attachment. In addition to founding Boss Security Solutions in 2013, Andrew became a certified NRA instructor in 2015 and continues to teach others the basics fundamentals of marksmanship. He also moonlights as a high-risk fugitive recovery operator with a capture rate over 90%.

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