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BOSS Self Protection Courses

The Boss Self Protection Programs are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Our goal is to give top-level police and military training so you will have the knowledge and skills required to defend yourself and your family from potentially life threatening situations. These are not your average “check-in-the-box” courses. From our Women’s Self Defense to our Concealed Handgun Class, you will walk away knowing that if you are put in a situation where it’s your life or the bad guy’s, you will win.

Civilian Self Defense Classes

This course will teach students basic striking and strike defense, as well as effective self-defense and fighting techniques on the ground. Students will learn how to protect themselves and escape from an assailant, relying on their use of position and leverage rather than size, strength, or physical prowess.

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Law Enforcement Classes

This course will cover the use of force and instructor liability, standing self-defense, avoiding being taken to the ground, takedowns, defense against strikes on the ground, escaping bad position from the ground, controlling a subject on the ground, and defending your firearm on the ground. This 24 hour course is the only CO P.O.S.T. approved class of its kind and is being used by several Denver Metro Area Law Enforcement agencies.

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Women’s Self Defense Classes

This course will teach women how to protect themselves against an assailant. Women will learn to recognize signs of an impending attack and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Most importantly, female students will learn and practice effective self-defense and escape techniques that rely on position and leverage rather than size, strength, or physical prowess.

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Concealed Handgun Permit

This 4 hour course required by the state to obtain a concealed handgun permit is taught much differently here at Boss High Level Protection than anywhere else in Colorado. Unlike most CHP courses that are almost all ‘death by powerpoint,’ we only cover the most essential points of the standard NRA course material and quickly move to hands on, practical application.

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Active Shooter Response for Civilians

This is a Law Enforcement level training course for civilians who already possess their CCW permit. This class is taught by former SWAT leader and a foremost expert in mass shootings, Grant Whitus. Students will learn close combat techniques using simunition weapons and real life scenarios.

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